Terms And Conditions

1. The Kennedy's Cafe Loyalty Card is issued by and remains in the property of Kennedy's Cafe - CLA Familia Esperanza Ltd.

2. For every 7 coffee's you buy, you receive 1 coffee for free.

3. Only for coffees over 2 euro. Juices, Frappuccinos, Smoothies etc are not included, except Coffee Frappuchino, Toffee & Caramel Coffee Frappuchino and Fruit Smoothie.

4. To receive your Kennedy's Cafe coffee, you must present your Kennedy's Cafe Loyalty Card before any purchase is made.

5. Free drinks are valid for delivery, with orders over 5 euro (including the free drink).

6. Ask the cashier to create for you a Kennedy's Account and your drinks will be registered automatically each time you order (Delivery, Dine in and Take away). Just give your name and phone number and your account is created!

7. You can receive the maximum 2 free coffees per order.

8. Kennedy's Cafe reserves the right to decline an application or to suspend the use of Kennedy's Cafe Loyalty Card, terminate or amend the Kennedy's Cafe Loyalty Card Programme at any time without notice.

9. The Kennedy's Cafe Loyalty Card Programme cannot be used as a credit card or a cheque guarantee card.

10. Kennedy's Cafe Club Discount and/or Reward Vouchers and/or Birthday Discount Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. The Kennedy's Cafe Club Vouchers will be valid only for a certain period from the date of issue.

11. Kennedy's Cafe’s decision as regards the operation of the Kennedy's Cafe Loyalty Card Programme and the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be final and binding upon all Kennedy's Cafe Club Loyalty Cardholders.

12. CLA Familia Esperanza Ltd (Kennedy's Cafe) has the exclusive right to amend or change these conditions at any time at its own discretion.

13. Kennedy's Cafe has the exclusive right to amend or change these conditions at any time at its own discretion.

14. Your personal data used to identify your location on a delivery or used to identify your loyalty card status are not be used for advertisements or provided to third parties.

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